NC Respiratory Care Board Upgrades Licensing Database

On October 14, 2021, the NC Respiratory Care Board voted to upgrade the licensing database to create a more comprehensive security package and digital licensing process.  This step was necessary due to concerns over IT security during the last wave of cyber hacking attempts on the US Government servers and an annual audit of our IT system.  During the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Board staff identified several potential vulnerabilities in the operation of our system.  While a data breach was not identified, it was necessary to enhance security to prevent it from happening.  The enhanced protection requires a valid email address to access the online system as of April 27, 2022.      

Since you are reading this email,  you have a valid email, so there is nothing to do on your part.  However,  your colleagues may not have a valid email.  Please help spread the word to them and send them this email.  If they are locked out after April 27, 2022, we have a security form that will be required to be completed to validate the requester’s identity, which is available on our website.  

New Procedural Steps

The new system will require you to establish a new password using your email address.  Upon request, the system will send a reset link so you can set the password or reset it when you forget it. 

When you renew this year, you will be asked to establish a new password before renewing.

  • You will begin with your old login (license number) and password (last 4 of the SSN).
  • The system will prompt you with a request to send a password.
  • It will populate the request with your email in our system. It will be your new username.
  • Go to your email and open it.
    1. If not received, check your junk mail before requesting a new link.
    2. Click the link and establish a new password.
  • The system will ask you to log in, so proceed as usual with your new user name (Email Address) and new password.

The launch date was April 27, 2022.  A valid email request form must be completed for us to update our system if an email is no longer valid.  This step is not required if you receive our emails, but please help us spread the word. 

Renewal Information

With the new digital renewal system, please be aware you will be asked many previously submitted questions found on your original application.  You must have a digital photo of your driver’s license, passport, or state ID.  It will seem onerous to complete this information, so be prepared.  You do not need to upload anything other than your ID unless you want to update your education or credentials.

You will need credential and graduation dates, credentials, and college/university names with no abbreviations.  If you cannot remember the exact day of graduation or your credential dates, use the last day of the month and year (i.e. 5/31/1990) for the credential or degree earned.    

Why all the questions?

As stated in previous emails, we are converting to a new digital system over the next year.  To make this transition, we must re-verify much of the same information.  It allows us to have everyone on the same system.  It also allows us to correct records.  Our internal audit showed that many credentials were not present, and some education was inaccurate.  It also allows us to re-verify work history.

In addition, the NC General Assembly often places licensing requirements on licensing boards, such as military status, citizenship, or job categorizations.  Once renewed, it should be the only time you have to answer those additional questions unless the NC General Assembly requires any other questions to be asked. See the full notice for tips on how to solve issues related to renewal. 


Dr. William L. Croft, Ed.D., Ph.D., RRT, RCP, FAARC
Executive Director
North Carolina Respiratory Care Board
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