Wallet Cards

Since 2018, wallet cards have not been required. A notice was sent to the licensees, and information was posted on the website in 2018. A hearing was held regarding this change. The download feature was removed in July 2021 to comply with the rule below, and a print feature was added to the License Look-up feature: 21 NCAC 61 .0301 (b) states: “Each individual who is issued a license shall be issued a license number that shall be displayed on the Board’s website.…A web-based license verification displaying the status, credentials, degree level, dates for registration, renewal, and expiration shall be accessible by the licensee in their principal place of business so as to be available for inspection in a printed or electronic format.” Since we changed the rule, the wallet card no longer meets the requirements as proof of licensure, but the License Look-up does. The phrase accessible by the licensee can be an electronic display or printed version for a file. For this reason, we added a print feature as well.  This change is part of our digital transition that will occur over the next year to allow same-day licensing for all reciprocity applicants. Our goal is to eliminate wait times for employees to start.