COVID-19 Resources

Please use this link above to locate the latest resources for your department. These are not Board approved policies, since this is not the function of the NCRCB. However, we know you need resources so we are compiling the list from around the country. 

Public Notices

License Display: As of July 1, 2018, the Board no longer requires a physical copy of the license on your person. 21 NCAC 61 .0301 LICENSE NUMBER: DISPLAY OF LICENSE states you shall use the web-based license verification displaying the status, credentials, degree level, dates for registration, renewal, and expiration. The web-based license verification shall be accessible by the licensee in their principal place of business so as to be available for inspection in a printed or electronic format. This means that no cards will be mailed once you renew. In addition, the current system for downloading a card will be stopped. Here is the link for the rule. 

Military: Individuals with a military designation in respiratory care or military spouses, as part of an active duty deployment reassigned to North Carolina, who holds an active respiratory care license in another state click here and review the requirements per the NC General Statute 93B-15.1. In order to serve you better, complete this survey so we can help guide you through the process before you apply and to avoid unnecessary cost. 

Emails: Please Keep your email address up to date. The NCRCB will use your email address as the primary source of providing you with information including your license renewal reminder.